Again and Again

[Again and again, however we know the landscape of love]

By Rainer Maria Rilke

Again and again, however we know the landscape of love

and the little churchyard there, with its sorrowing names,

and the frighteningly silent abyss into which the others

fall: again and again the two of us walk out together

under the ancient trees, lie down again and again

among the flowers, face to face with the sky.

From Ahead of All Parting:
The Selected Poetry and Prose of Rainer Maria Rilke
Edited and Translated by Stephen Mitchell

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Time and Space

by T.S. Eliot

“If Time and Space, as sages say,
Are things which cannot be,
The sun which does not feel decay
No greater is than we.
So why, Love, should we ever pray
To live a century?
The butterfly that lives a day
Has lived eternity.

The flowers I gave thee when the dew
Was trembling on the vine,
Were withered ere the wild bee flew
To suck the eglantine,
So let us haste to pluck anew
Nor mourn to see them pine,
And though our days of love be few
Yet let them be divine.”

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Kahlil Gibran

From The Prophet

AND an old priest said, Speak to us of Religion.
And he said:

Have I spoken this day of aught else?

Is not religion all deeds and all reflection,
And that which is neither deed nor
reflection, but a wonder and a surprise ever
springing in the soul, even while the hands
hew the stone or tend the loom?

Who can separate his faith from his actions,
or his belief from his occupations?

Who can spread his hours before him, saying,
“This for God and this for myself;
This for my soul, and this other for my body?”

All your hours are wings that beat through
space from self to self.

He who wears his morality but as his best
garment were better naked.

The wind and the sun will tear no holes
in his skin.

And he who defines his conduct by ethics
imprisons his song-bird in a cage.

The freest song comes not through bars
and wires.

And he to whom worshipping is a window, to open
but also to shut, has not yet visited the house
of his soul whose windows are from dawn to dawn.

Your daily life is your temple and your

Whenever you enter into it take with
you your all.

Take the plough and the forge and
the mallet and the lute, The things
you have fashioned in necessity or for delight.

For in revery you cannot rise above your
achievements nor fall lower than your failures.

And take with you all men:

For in adoration you cannot fly higher
than their hopes nor humble yourself lower
than their despair.

And if you would know God be not
therefore a solver of riddles.

Rather look about you and you shall see
Him playing with your children.

And look into space; you shall see Him
walking in the cloud, outstretching His arms
in the lightning and descending in rain.

You shall see Him smiling in flowers,
then rising and waving His hands in trees.

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Change Upon Change

Five months ago the stream did flow,
     The lilies bloomed within the sedge,
And we were lingering to and fro,
Where none will track thee in this snow,
     Along the stream, beside the hedge.
Ah, Sweet, be free to love and go!
     For if I do not hear thy foot,
     The frozen river is as mute,
     The flowers have dried down to the root:
     And why, since these be changed since May,
          Shouldst thou change less than they.

And slow, slow as the winter snow
     The tears have drifted to mine eyes;
And my poor cheeks, five months ago
Set blushing at thy praises so,
     Put paleness on for a disguise.
Ah, Sweet, be free to praise and go!
     For if my face is turned too pale,
     It was thine oath that first did fail, --
     It was thy love proved false and frail, --
     And why, since these be changed enow,
          Should I change less than thou.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning


For the monk who
steps into the forest to meditate
for the rest of his days
for the hang glider who
takes off from the highest
majestic cliff
for the diver who makes
eye contact with an old whale
while the colorful school of fish
swim around him/her
for the little girl
who watches a bird soar
for the little boy who
splashes in a muddy puddle
for a mother who nurses her
babe in the wee hours of night
for the father and his working hands
for the one that loves
in the midst of coldness cruelty
and uncertainty
for the flowers that grow
the stars that glow
the moon that shines
the sun that gives
for all beings that create
for all hearts that give
and all hearts that receive
for the endless bosom
of compassion that is
capable of holding everything and
everyone with infinite love,
I give thanks.
Thanks for everything
that I know of
everything that I do not know of
and everything that
I’ll never know but
my soul feels and my heart
has always known.
May the innocence
of a tiny flower
the awe of a high mountain
the beauty of the endless
colorful Fields
the generosity of all that gives
the deepness of the ocean
and all that is beautiful and
loving stay with me
forever and always.

Hydeh Aubon (11/27/08)