Christian Mysticism

Mystical Union

Christian Mysticism, like all forms of mysticism, is about direct knowing of God, or mystical union. In the west there is a tendency to associate spiritual practices such as meditation, with eastern mysticism, such as Buddhism and Sufism. There is, however, a rich mystical tradition within Christianity.  According to Ursula King:

The story of the Christian mystics is one of an all-consuming, passionate love affair between human beings and God. It speaks of the yearning, a burning desire for the contemplation and presence of the divine… This yearning is a candle by the fire of divine love itself, which moves the mystics in their search and leads him, often arduous journeys, to discover and proclaimed the all-encompassing love of God for humankind.

On Allspirit there is the text of The Gospel of Thomas, translated by Stephen Patterson and Marvin Meyer. There is also The Song of Solomon, King James Version.

Christian Mystic Poetry

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