Nondual Quotations – 9

These pages contain nondual quotations, many of which I originally posted on the nondual quotes group on Yahoo!

“Realization of Truth is higher than all else.
Higher still is Truthful Living.”

~Guru Nanak, Sri Rag

From More Poems
A. E. Housman


I lay me down and slumber
And every morn revive.
Whose is the night-long breathing
That keeps a man alive?

When I was off to dreamland
And left my limbs forgot,
Who stayed at home to mind them,
And breathed when I did not?

. . . . .

— I waste my time in talking,
No heed at all takes he,
My kind and foolish comrade
That breathes all night for me.

Look at Love…
how it tangles
with the one fallen in love

look at spirit
how it fuses with earth
giving it new life

why are you so busy
with this or that or good or bad
pay attention to how things blend

why talk about all
the known and the unknown
see how unknown merges into the known

why think separately
of this life and the next
when one is born from the last

look at your heart and tongue
one feels but deaf and dumb
the other speaks in words and signs

look at water and fire
earth and wind
enemies and friends all at once

the wolf and the lamb
the lion and the deer
far away yet together

look at the unity of this
spring and winter
manifested in the equinox

you too must mingle my friends
since the earth and the sky
are mingled just for you and me

be like sugarcane
sweet yet silent
don’t get mixed up with bitter words

my beloved grows
right out of my own heart
how much more union can there be

~ Rumi, translated by Nader Khalili

Earth, mountains, rivers – hidden in this nothingness.
In this nothingness – earth, mountains, rivers revealed.
Spring flowers, winter snows:
There’s no being or non-being, nor denial itself.
–    Saisho  (? – 1506)
Zen Poetry: Let the Spring Breeze Enter, p.32
Translated by Lucien Stryk and Takashi Ikemoto

Ask those who know,
what’s this soul within the flesh?
Reality’s own power.
What blood fills these veins?

Thought is an errand boy,
fear a mine of worries.
These sighs are love’s clothing.
Who is the Khan on the throne?

Give thanks for His unity.
He created when nothing existed.
And since we are actually nothing,
what are possessions, houses, shops?

God sent us here
to come and see the world.
This world itself is not everlasting.
What are all of Solomon’s riches?

Ask Yunus and Taptuk
what the world means to them.
The world won’t last.
What are You? What am I?

~ Yunus Emre

The Sonnets to Orpheus: I
Rainer Maria Rilke

A tree ascended there. Oh pure transcendence!
Oh Orpheus sings! Oh tall tree in the ear!
And all things hushed. Yet even in that silence
a new beginning, beckoning, change appeared.

Creatures of stillness crowded from the bright
unbound forest, out of their lairs and nests;
and it was not from any dullness, not
from fear, that they were so quiet in themselves,

but from just listening. Bellow, roar, shriek
seemed small inside their hearts. And where there had been
at most a makeshift hut to receive the music,

a shelter nailed up out of their darkest longing,
with an entryway that shuddered in the wind-
you built a temple deep inside their hearing.

Translated by Stephen Mitchell

Being conscious is cutting through your own melodrama and being right
here. Exist in no mind, be empty, here now, and trust that as a situation
arises, out of you will come what is necessary to deal with that situation
including the use of your intellect when appropriate.  Your intellect need
not be constantly held on to keep reassuring you that you know where
you’re at, out of fear of loss of control.  Ultimately, when you stop
identifying so much with your physical body and with your psychological
entity, that anxiety starts to disintegrate.  And your start to define
yourself as in flow with the universe; and whatever comes along ~  death,
life joy, sadness ~ is grist for the mill of awakening. Not this versus that
but whatever.

~  Ram Dass, Grist for the Mill

From The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle:

Do you truly know what is positive and what is negative? Do you
have the total picture? There have been many people for whom
limitation, failure, loss, illness, or pain in whatever form turned out
to be their greatest teacher. It taught them to let go of false self-
images and superficial ego-dictated goals and desires. It gave
them depth, humility, and compassion. It made them more real.

Whenever anything negative happens to you, there is a deep lesson
concealed within it, although you may not see it at the time. Even a
brief illness or an accident can show you what is real and unreal in
your life, what ultimately matters and what doesn’t.

Seen from a higher perspective, conditions are always positive. To be
more precise: they are neither positive nor negative. They are as they
are. And when you live in complete acceptance of what is which is
the only sane way to live – there is no “good” or “bad” in your life
anymore. There is only a higher good – which includes the “bad.”
Seen from the perspective of the mind, however, there is good -bad,
like-dislike, love-hate.

There Is A Brokenness
by Rashani

There is a brokenness
out of which comes the unbroken,
A shatteredness out of which blooms the unshatterable.
There is a sorrow
Beyond all grief which leads to joy
And a fragility
Out of which depth emerges strength.
There is a hollow space
Too vast for words
Through which we pass with each loss,
Out of whose darkness we are sanctified into being.
There is a cry deeper than all sound
Whose serrated edges cut the heart
As we break open
To the place inside which is unbreakable
And whole.

Make excursions in pure simplicity.
Identify yourself with non-distinction.
Follow the nature of things and admit no personal bias.
Then the world will be in peace.

~  Chuang Tzu

If the mind is happy,
not only the body
but the whole world will be happy.
So one must find out
how to become happy oneself.
Wanting to transform the world
without discovering one’s true self
is like trying to cover the whole world with leather
to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns.
It is much simpler to wear shoes.

~  Ramana Maharshi

Eternal Now
Meher Baba

Life is not meant to be rich in spiritual significance at some distant date,
but it can be so at every moment if the mind is disburdened of illusions.
Only through a clear and tranquil mind is the true nature of spiritual infinity
grasped — not as something that is yet to be but that already has been, is,
and ever will be eternal Self-fulfillment. When every moment is rich with
eternal significance, there is neither the lingering clinging to the dead past
nor a longing expectation for the future but an integral living in the eternal
Now. Only through such living can the spiritual infinity of the Truth be
realized in life.

It is not right to deprive the present of all importance by subordinating it to
an end in the future. For this means the imaginary accumulation of all
importance in the imagined future rather than the perception and realization
of the true importance of everything that exists in the eternal Now. There
cannot be an ebb and flow in eternity, no meaningless intervals between
intermittent harvests, but a fullness of being that cannot suffer impoverish-
ment for a single instant. When life seems to be idle or empty, it is not due
to any curtailment of the infinity of the Truth but to one’s own lack of capa-
city to enter into its full possession….

Spiritual life is not a matter of quantity but of inherent quality of living.
Spiritual infinity includes in its scope all phases of life. It comprises acts
that are great as well as acts that are small. Being greater than the greatest,
spiritual infinity is also smaller than the smallest; and it can equally express
itself through happenings irrespective of whether they are outwardly small
or great. Thus a smile or a look stands on the same level as offering one’s
life for a cause, when the smile or the look springs from Truth-consciousness.

There are no gradations in spiritual importance when all life is lived in the
shadow of Eternity. If life were to consist only of big things and if all the
little things where to be omitted from its scope, it would not only be finite
but would be extremely poor. The infinite Truth, which is latent in every-
thing, can reveal itself only when life is seen and accepted in its totality.

DISCOURSES, pp. 118-119

If you keep your heart immersed always in the ocean of
divine love, Your heart is sure to remain ever full to the
overflowing with the waters of the divine love.

~  Ramakrishna

One moon shows in every pool;
in every pool, the one moon.

Zen Forest Saying

…the growing and dying of the moon reminds us of our
ignorance which comes and goes; but when the moon
is full it is as if the eternal light of the Great Spirit were
upon the whole world.

~Black Elk

The madness of love
Is a rich fief;
Anyone who recognized this
Would not ask Love for anything else:
It can unite Opposites
And reverse the paradox.
lam declaring the truth about this:
The madness of love makes bitter what was sweet,
It makes the stranger a kinsman,
And it makes the smallest the most proud.

To souls who have not reached such love,
I give this good counsel:
If they cannot do more,
Let them beg Love for amnesty,
And serve with faith,
According to the counsel of noble Love,
And think: ‘It can happen,
Love’s power is so great!’
Only after his death
Is a man beyond cure.

-HADEWIJCH of Antwerp

This is from: This – Prose and Poetry of Dancing Emptiness
Sri H. W. L. Poonja  (Papaji)

You are the One which is aware
of the awareness of objects and ideas.
You are the One that is even more silent than awareness.
You are the Life which precedes the concept of life.
Your nature is silence and it is not attainable,
It always Is.

You are Emptiness, the ultimate Substance:
removing Emptiness out of Emptiness
leaves only Emptiness because there is nothing beyond It.

Emptiness is between “is” and “is not”
and nothing is out of this Emptiness so it is the Fullness.
To be Free, you need the firm conviction
that you are this Substratum, this Peace, this Emptiness.

All rises from,
dances about in,
and returns to

As Ocean rises as a wave to dance,
so you are this Dancing Emptiness!

You Can Still Be Free
Savage Garden

Cool breeze and autumn leaves
Slow motion daylight
A lone pair of watchful eyes
Oversee the living
Feel the presence all around
A tortured soul
A wound unhealing
No regrets or promises
The past is gone
But you can still be free
If time will set you free

Time now to spread your wings
To take to flight
The life endeavor
Aim for the burning sun
You’re trapped inside
But you can still be free
If time will set you free
But it’s a long long way to go

Keep moving way up high
You see the light
It shines forever
Sail through the crimson skies
The purest light
The light that sets you free
If time will set you free

Sail through the wind and rain tonight
You’re free to fly tonight
And you can still be free
If time will set you free
And going higher than mountain tops
And go high the wind won’t stop
And go high
Free to fly tonight
Free to fly tonight

Our original nature is, in highest truth,
devoid of any atom of objectivity.
It is void, omnipresent, silent, pure;
it is glorious and mysterious peaceful joy ~
and that is all.
Enter deeply into it by awakening yourself.

~  Huang Po

Knowledge is to understand
To understand who you are.
If you know not who you are
What’s the use of learning?

The aim in learning is
To understand God’s Truth.
Because without knowledge
It is wasted hard labour.

Do not say: I know it all,
I am obedient to my God.
If you know not who God is
That is sheer idle talk.

Twenty-eight syllables
You read from end to end.
You name the first `alpha”
What can it possibly mean?

Yunus Emre says also
Let me receive what I need.
The best possible thing
Is to find perfect peace.

~ Yunus Emre
Translated by Taner Baybars

Those who desire to understand,
who are looking to find that which is eternal,
without beginning and end,
will walk together with greater intensity
will be a danger to everything which is unessential,
to unrealities, to shadows.
They will concentrate,
they will become the flame,
because they understand.

~ Jiddhu Krishnamurti

“Saints and mystics throughout history have adorned their realisations with
different names and given them different faces and interpretations, but what
they are all fundamentally experiencing is the essential nature of the mind.”

~Sogyal Rinpoche

“Mind and body dropped off; dropped off mind and body!
This state should be experienced by everyone; it is like piling
fruit into a basket without a bottom, like pouring water into a
bow! With a pierced hole; however much you may pile or
pour you cannot fill it up. When this is realized the pail bottom
is broken through. But while there is still a trace of conceptualism
which makes you say ‘I have this understanding’ or ‘I have that
realization’, you are still playing with unrealities.”

~ Dogen

When you don’t require anything from the world and nothing from
God, when you don’t desire anything, when you don’t strive for
anything, don’t expect anything, the divine will enter you, unasked
and unexpected.

~ Nisargadatta
From The wisdom of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj  by Robert Powell

Hidden Treasure

Take a walk down by, take a walk down by the river
There’s a lot that you, there’s a lot that you can learn
If you’ve got a mind that’s open, if you’ve got a heart that yearns

If you listen to, if you listen to the water
You will hear the sound, you will hear the sound of life
There’s a million different voices, there is happiness and strife

Message in the deep, from a strange eternal sleep
That is waiting there, that is waiting there for you
Like hidden treasure

Traffic, The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys, 1972

Are you born  now? Why do you think  of other
births? The fact is that there is neither  birth nor
death.  Let  him  who  is born  think  of death  and
palliatives therefore.

~ Ramana Maharshi

Just understand  that birth-and-death  is itself
nirvana. There is nothing such as birth and death to
be avoided;  there is nothing such as nirvana  to be
sought. Only when you realize this are you free from
birth and death.

~ Dogen

“I follow the Way of Love,
and where Love’s caravan takes its path,
there is my religion, my faith.”

~Ibn ‘Arabi

Neither is there Bodhi-tree,
Nor yet a mirror bright;
Since in reality all is void,
Whereon can the dust fall?

~ Hui Neng

Love will be enlightened when we come into contact with
that bliss which is free from any condition or object. It must
be thoroughly understood that we have no need to acquire
love, because in the depths of ourselves we are ‘desire for
perfect bliss’, or in theological language, ‘Love of God’. No
one needs to acquire or increase love, but only to enlighten
it on its true aim.

~ Jean Klein

My inside, listen to me, the greatest spirit,
the Teacher, is near,
wake up, wake up!

Run to his feet –
he is standing close to your head right now.

You have slept for millions and millions of years.

Why not wake up this morning?

~ Kabir, Version by Robert Bly

(Quotations from Chuang Tzu)

To name Tao is to name no-thing.
Tao is not the name of (something created).
“Cause” and “chance” have no bearing on the Tao.
Tao is a name that indicates without defining.

Tao is beyond words and beyond things.
It is not expressed either in word or in silence.
Where there is no longer word or silence
Tao is apprehended.

The Brim

You hide your face in the leaves,
and your eyes fill with rosewater,
sleepy as a narcissus opening.

You slip away in the garden seasons.
The purple violets, the white lily,
they change, and you hurry off.

Surface bubbles open their eyes,
and vanish. How different is
this world from those bubbles?

Your way with a body-cup
is to drain its love-wine.

Do that to us!

from The Hand of  Poetry   Inayat Khan/Coleman Barks

The true meaning of love one’s neighbor is not that
it is a command from God which we are to fulfill,
but that through it and in it we meet God.

~ Martin Buber

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