Nonduality – Advaita

Not Two

Nonduality, or Advaita, means ‘not-two’. This does not strictly mean that ‘all is one’ or that there are no opposites, but rather that these opposites are an integral part of each other – we cannot have one without the other. Bede Griffiths says:

“Advaita (nonduality) does not mean “one” in the sense of eliminating all differences. The differences are present in the one in a mysterious way. They are not separated anymore, and yet they are there.”

Jerry Katz, founder of Nonduality Salon and, has this to say:

“You can’t define nonduality in the same you would define water. Well, you could. But nonduality has no single accepted definition. Because of that, you’re free to define it just about any way you wish.That idea of freedom coming out of not defining something, is worth looking at. If you don’t define something then you don’t have expectations and then your relationship with that something could be freer and happier.In fact, nonduality undefined — silence, in other words — may be the best way of answering the que stion, “What is nonduality?” But only if the other person gets what you’re doing by being silent.”

And Jeff Foster on his website says:

“The world created by thought, the world of words, language, and concepts, is the world of opposites‘Up and down’, ‘this or that’, ‘inside and outside’, ‘right and wrong’, ‘black and white’, ‘true and false’, ‘positive and negative’, ‘me and you’ and so on. The world of words, language, thoughts, concepts, is a dualistic world of apparent opposites. But, in reality, do opposites exist?”

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